Sunset and sunrise are certainly among the most popular motives with all photographers. To be honest even after many years of photography I never get tired to enjoy a great sunset or sunrise.

Technically a tripod and a SLR would be the best solution for these shots, but don’t worry the small point and shoot does a pretty decent job as well. To avoid the grainy noise of high ISO I  used  only  ISO 100 wit aperture 4.0 and to don’t overexposure the sky I dialed in a exposure compensation of -0.5 which resulted in a exposure time of 0.5 sec. A far to long exposure time even with the different image-stabilizing systems on the market. The solution just find a spot were you can rest your little camera and use the self-timer of the camera. I used my T-shirt which made a pretty good substitute for a tripod.

How sharp is the shot ... just move the mouse pinter over the picture and you see a 100% crop.

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