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Germinating/Sprouting seeds and other “little secrets

Green Singer

Barely 12 cm tall, bright yellow and a voice that even opera-singers can get jealous; no wonder that Yellow-fronted Canaries belong to the most popular birds  among aviculturists


With a body mass of five to eight gram Gold-breasted Waxbills are among the smallest Estrildian finches. Despite looking like colourful tiny fragile things they are among the hardiest and easiest to breed African finches.

Lavender Waxbill

For many aviculturists Lavender-Waxbill is without doubt among the most fascinating and attractive Estrildian finches.

Painted Firetail

Until recently, the painted firetail (Emblema pictum) was a rare and delicate species found in the aviaries of  European aviculturists.

Forbes Parrotfinch

It was not until the sixties of the last century that the first Three-colored Parrotfinches showed up on the bird market in Europe. But this first import was no success and the species soon disappeared.

Peales Parrotfinch

Peale’s Parrot-finches are among the Estrildian finches that got to Europe quite early, already 1898 the first birds showed up in France. There were several attempts to establish the birds among the European aviculturists but

Gouldian finch

The first Gouldian finches arrived already 1877 in Europe. Every aviculturist wanted to get hold of them

Digital bird -photography

There was one thing in life which didn’t change as fast;  the good old film was still around when music jumped already on the digital train.

Pin-tailed Parrotfinch

Now the Pintails get the attention they deserve, ...


Coming soon ... Dusky Twinspot







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